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Use the form below to enable users to create, edit, view and perform various actions on videos for their content. Start by selecting a content module, and then entering the various database table related field names. In case of doubts regarding any field name, please contact the developer of that content module.

This is the value of 'items' key in the manifest file of this plugin. To view this value for a desired module, go to the directory of this module, and open the file 'settings/manifest.php'. In this file, search for 'items', and view its value. [Ex in case of blog module: Open file 'application/modules/Blog/settings/manifest.php', and go to around line 62. You will see the 'items' key array with value 'blog'. Thus, the Database Table Item for blog module is: 'blog']

Enter the title for the content of this module that will be displayed in various widgets to identify them. (Ex: For Events: Events Videos, For Pages: Pages Videos, For Stores: Stores Videos, etc.)

Who do you want to be associated with videos as their owner. The Choosen entity will be displayed with the videos as their owner at various places like widgets, activity feeds, etc.

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