Advanced Videos / Channels / Playlists Plugin

Video Settings

These settings affect all members in your community.

Select type of video source that you want to be available for members while uploading new video. [ Note: You can apply this setting on per member level basis from ‘Member Level Settings’. ]
Please install FFMPEG on your server and configure its path to show "My Computer" option on "Post New Video" page to upload my computer's video on your site.

Do you want the Category field to be enabled for Videos?

Do you want the Tags field to be enabled for Videos?

Do you want to enable the Watch Later feature on your website?

Do you want to enable the TinyMC Editor for Video Description on Edit Video page?

Do you want the Location field to be enabled for Videos?

What metric do you want to be used for location & proximity Search Metric? (This will enable users to search for Videos within a certain distance from their current location or any particular location.)

Please enter the full path to your FFMPEG installation. (Environment variables are not present)

HTML5 Video Support

While posting videos on your site, users can choose YouTube as a source. This requires a valid YouTube API key.
To learn how to create that key with correct permissions, read our KB Article

How many jobs do you want to allow to run at the same time?

Enter the width (in pixel) of Video Player in lightbox

Enter the height (in pixel) of Video Player in lighbox

Select a color for the background of the lightbox displaying videos. (Click on the rainbow below to choose your color.)

Do you want the button of "Go to Video" to be shown in the Video Lightbox viewer?

Do you want to open lightbox when member click on 'Post New Video' button / link?

Enabling this option will give members the ability to embed videos from your site on other pages / sites using an iframe code (like YouTube).

Do you want to show videos according to viewer's network if he has selected any? (If set to no, all the videos will be shown.)

Do you want to set "Only My Network" option as default for Show field in the search form widget? (This widget appears on the Browse Videos to enable users to search and filter videos.)

You have chosen that viewers should only see Videos of their network(s). How should a Video's network(s) be decided?

Do you want to show the Video Profile page only to users of the same network. (If set to yes and "Browse By Networks" is enabled then users would not be able to view the profile page of those videos which does not belong to their networks.)

Do you want to show all the videos to the users in the Widgets and Browse Videos of this plugin irrespective of privacy? [Note: If you select 'No', then only those videos will be shown in the Widgets and Browse Videos which are viewable to the current logged-in users. But this may slightly affect the loading speed of your website. To avoid such loading delay to the best possible extent, we are also using caching based display.)