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Groups / Communities - Short Group URL Extension

This plugin enables you to set a limit for the number of Likes for a Group before the simplified short URL is assigned to it. This solves 2 purposes: One, more Likes of a Group would be indicative of its genuineness, and thus validity of its short URL. Second, a limit on Likes for these URLs to be valid for the respective Groups will motivate the Group Owners to gather more Likes for their Groups on your site. If the short URL of any Group on your site is similar to the URL of a standard plugin group, then that URL will open that Group profile and not the standard plugin group. To avoid such a situation, edit the URL of such a Group using the “Manage Banned Group URLs” section.

Global Settings

These settings affect all members in your community.

Do you want the Group URLs to be shortened upon the number of Likes on them exceeding the Likes limit? (You can choose the Likes limit below. Selecting “Yes” will change the URLs of those Groups from the form: “/group/group_url” to: “/group_url”.)

Please enter the minimum number of Likes after which Group URLs should be shortened. (Note: It is recommended to enter ‘5’ minimum number of Likes.)