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Directory / Businesses - Offers Extension

To see the latest available version for this plugin and more information, please visit the "Plugins" > "SocialEngineAddOns" section of your site's Admin Panel.

Global Settings

These settings affect all members in your community.

Please enter your license key that was provided to you when you purchased this plugin. If you do not know your license key, please contact the Support Team of SocialEngineAddOns from the Support section of your Account Area.(Key Format: XXXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXXXX )

Do you want to show the Offers link on Businesses Navigation Menu? (You might want to show this if Offers from Businesses are an important component on your website. This link will lead to a widgetized business listing all Business Offers, with a search form for Business Offers and multiple widgets.

Do you want to enbale offer type during the creation of offer?

Select the default ordering of offers in Business Offers listing. (This widgetized business will list all Business Offers. Sponsored offers are offers created by paid Businesses.)

What maximum limit should be applied to the number of characters in the titles of items in the widgets? (Enter a number between 1 and 999. Titles having more characters than this limit will be truncated. Complete titles will be shown on mouseover.)

Please enter the text below which you want to display in place of "businessoffer" in the URLs of this plugin.