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Below you can choose to add / remove the admin links for Directory / Businesses extensions from the "Plugins" dropdown list of admin panel of the site. All the extensions of Directory / Businesses Plugin available on your site are listed below and you can choose whether or not you want that extension's link to be displayed in "Plugins" dropdown list. The links provided below will also lead you to the admin panel of the respective extensions and allow you to configure settings for them. Thus, after removing a link from the "Plugins" dropdown, you can visit its extension's admin panel from this section.

Admin Links of Directory/Businesses Extensions Add/Remove from Plugins dropdown
SEAO - Directory / Businesses - Business Members Extension
Directory/Businesses - Multiple Listings and Products Showcase
SEAO - Directory/Businesses - Short Business URL
SEAO - Directory/Businesses - Like Box
SEAO - Directory/Businesses - Albums
SEAO - Directory/Businesses-Reviews
SEAO - Directory/Businesses - Notes
SEAO - Directory/Businesses - Inviter
SEAO - Directory/Businesses - Offers
SEAO - Directory/Businesses - Form
SEAO - Directory/Businesses - Badges
Directory/Businesses - Polls
SEAO - Directory/Businesses - Music
SEAO - Directory / Businesses - Contact Business Owners