Website Backup and Restore Plugin – AWS S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, FTP, etc.

35.93 GB of storage space is available on "Remote Server" for backup process. Click here, to set the check for minimum storage space. Backup process will not start if available storage space is below this.

Automatic Backup Settings

Here, you can configure the settings for automatic backup of your site's database.

Do you want Automatic Database Backup to be activated on your site ? (If yes, then you will be able to choose more associated settings below. Note that automatic database backup is dependent on the activity going on your site. If your site is dormant, with no activity, then the backup for your site will not occur until there is at least one activity performed.)

Specify the prefix for the name of the automatic database backup file. (The prefix specified by you will be appended by the backup timestamp.)

Select a destination for the automatic database backups of your site. (You may create a new destination from Destinations section.)

Select the time intervals between successive database backups. A new backup process will start after this time interval from the previous backup. (Note: The time interval selected by you should be at least 5 times the time taken for a manual backup of your site. You can take a manual backup of your site to find the time duration. For example, if your site's manual backup takes 4 hours to complete, then the time interval chosen by you here must be equal or greater then than 20 hours.)

Do you want to enable email notifications to be sent on completion of automatic database backup?

Specify the email address for receiving automatic backup notifications. (Separate multiple emails by commas.)