Email Templates Plugin

Mail Templates

Various notification emails are sent to your members as they interact with the community. Use this form to customize the content of these emails. Any changes you make here will only be saved after you click the "Save Changes" button at the bottom of the form.
Note: This page is a duplicate of the "Settings" > "Mail Templates" section, with enhancements that enable you to send rich content in email message body, and allow you to choose if template design from "Manage Templates" should apply to a particular message type.

If you want to save email signature of all mail templates those are defined in "Choose Message" drop-down for English languge, then click here . (Note: This setting will overwrite all email signatures for all the messages in this language. If you want to change email signature only for a particular message then you can do that manually choosing that message.)

Your community has more than one language pack installed. Please select the language pack you want to edit right now.

This can be added to other emails using the [header] placeholder.

Available Placeholders:

Enter the message body below. (Note: If your message is not sent in below format, then click here for the compatible Text input box.)