Feedback Plugin

To see the latest available version for this plugin and more information, please visit the "Plugins" > "SocialEngineAddOns" section of your site's Admin Panel.

Global Settings

These settings affect all members in your community.

Please enter your license key that was provided to you when you purchased this plugin. If you do not know your license key, please contact the Support Team of SocialEngineAddOns from the Support section of your Account Area.(Key Format: XXXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXXXX )

Enable the Feedback Forum on your site (Note : If you disable the Feedback Forum on your site, the visibility of all the Feedback will become private [they will only be viewable to you, and the Feedback creator], and users will not be able to select the visibility of their Feedback during creation.)

Allow logged-in users to choose to make their Feedback Public or Private. (Feedback of non logged-in users will always be private. Public Feedback will be shown in the Feedback Forum.)

Select whether or not you want to let the public (visitors that are not logged-in) to view the following sections of your social network. In some cases (such as Profiles, Feedback, and Albums), if you have given them the option, your users will be able to make their pages private even though you have made them publically viewable here. For more permissions settings, please visit the General Settings page.

Select who can create feedback?


Require users to enter validation code when creating feedback?

Allow users to choose Severity for their feedback.

Allow users to mention tags for their feedback.

Allow users to upload / associate pictures to their feedback.

Send email alerts to Admin for every new feedback creation. (Notification emails will be send to the email address mentioned in the 'From Address' filed of the 'Mail Settings' section of the Admin Panel.)

Allow logged-in users to Report feedback from public feedback as Inappropriate.

Customize the position of the feedback button

Select the color of the feedback button. (Click on the rainbow below to choose your color.)

Select the hover color of the feedback button. (Click on the rainbow below to choose your color.)

Enter the number of feedback to be shown per page on the Feedback listing pages. (Enter a value between 1 and 999.)

Do you want to show the full feedback title without truncation on various pages like Browse Feedbacks, My Feedbacks etc..