Facebook Feed Stories Publisher

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Facebook Feed Stories Settings

Please enter your license key that was provided to you when you purchased this plugin. If you do not know your license key, please contact the Support Team of SocialEngineAddOns from the Support section of your Account Area.(Key Format: XXXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXXXX )

Do you want automatic facebook feed publishing to be enabled on your site for respective user actions? If enabled, users will see an option for it in their facebook feed publishing settings. [Note: Automatic facebook feed publishing for user actions might be against Facebook's recently updates terms.]

This plugin enables your users to publish their actions on your site onto their Facebook streams. The Feed Stories are published on the Facebook Homepages of the users and their friends, as well as on the users' Facebook Profiles. The feed stories contain appropriate media like group photo, album photo, music, video, etc. Action links in the feed stories can attract traffic to your site.

Below, you can configure the content of the Facebook Feed stories for various actions. Every story is built up of static text and variables/tokens, where the variables are replaced by the respective actual values before publishing. The common variables available to all feed stories are:
{*actor*}: User's Facebook name
{*user_name*}: User's name on site
{*site_title*}: Site's Title [ ]
{*site_url*}: Site's URL [http://admindemo.socialengineaddons.com]