Advanced Activity Feeds / Wall Plugin

The Twitter Application details (App ID or App Secret) are not entered by you. Please click here to enter them.

Global Settings

These settings affect all members in your community.

Please enter your license key that was provided to you when you purchased this plugin. If you do not know your license key, please contact the Support Team of SocialEngineAddOns from the Support section of your Account Area.(Key Format: XXXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXXXX )

Do you want to enable auto-loading of old activity feeds when users scroll down to the bottom of Advanced Activity Feeds? (This setting will apply to the site activity feeds as well as those from Twitter.)

Select the number of times that auto-loading of old activity feeds should occur on scrolling down. (Select 0 if you do not want such a restriction and want auto-loading to occur always. Because of auto-loading on-scroll, users are not able to click on links in footer; this setting has been created to avoid this.)

Do you want users to be able to edit privacy for their status update posts? (Note: If you select ‘Yes’ over here, then the option to change status update post privacy will be shown on member profile page activity feeds in the dropdown alongside the post.)

Enter the time duration in days for feed to remain as pinned post. [Note: Entered days will be set as limit for users. Users will be able to set the time frame for their pinned post under this limit only. Incase, user has not set any time frame then these days will be considered as default duration for the pinned post.]

By enabling it, user will able to turn on / off notification for a particular feed.

Choose the type of display for the multiple images in the feed.

Do you want to enable interactive Info Tooltips on mouse-over for sources and entities in the site activity feeds in Advanced Activity Feeds? (The interactive Info Tooltips contain information and quick action links for the entities. You can choose more settings for these from the Info Tooltip Settings.)

Do you want to enable social share for feed? If enabled users will be able to share the feed on their social accounts [like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc] right away. For this they will simply need to hover the share button to choose one of the social accounts available in the tip.

Choose the social share option which you want have in share options of activity feeds.

Do you want to show a "Post a comment" box for activity feeds that have comments? (Enabling this can increase interactivity via comments on activity feeds on your site. Users will be able to quickly post a comment on activity feeds just by pressing the "Enter" key.)

Do you want to hide the "Comments" and "Likes" box by default for activity feeds display? (After enabling this, counts for comments and likes are shown with attractive icons beside them and Comments and Likes boxes for feeds are hidden by default and appear after clicking on the comments icon.)

Do you want to enable activity feed caching so that you can enhance your site loading speed?

Do you want to enable per feed translation option?

Set the feed bottom menu(comment/like/share etc.) alignment